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Is Songwriting Still A Profession?




Is Songwriting Still A Profession? The music business has changed a lot over the years, but none of the changes have affected anyone more than the songwriters. As someone who has made an amazing living writing songs for the last 15 years, I had to address the elephant in the room. Yes, songwriting is still a viable profession, however, there are new rules to apply to your career in order to give yourself the opportunity to succeed as a songwriter. 

There used to be a great marriage between songwriters and artists, labels and publishers. Writers wrote the songs and artists sang them. This marriage was very profitable for many years, but like many marriages, the honeymoon is over, as is the union.

With sales declining, labels are now turning their artists into songwriters to capitalize on lost sales revenue that comes from physical and digital sales. The 360 deal is in full effect. When an artist signs a 360 deal, they are...

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