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"If you are in the real estate industry listening to these episodes is a must. Simply exchange music business for real estate business. Same concepts apply. No one else is saying what Steve says. Honest hard truths to help you grow."

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"This podcast is top notch! I’m a natural skeptic of gurus and got say that Steve is clearly a guy shooting us straight. Currently binging all episodes. See you in Nashville someday"

Christian Devlin
Apple Podcasts

"Steve’s podcast is a must listen for anyone in the music industry; incredibly informative and entertaining"

Apple Podcasts · Canada

"Steve provides one of the most valuable perspectives I’ve found so far online re: the music business. Lots of cold hard facts, very little hype, if any. His content has helped me start my 2020 off with a salvo of small victories instead of wasting time chasing pipe dreams"

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"Steve is the independent g.o.a.t, Can’t say enough about Steve. He definitely keeps it real and that’s important now today more than ever. Love his attitude and his personality and his attention to detail when looking into labels, managers and other music industry companies. So happy and thankful I stumbled upon his podcast, because too many independent artist and struggling artist are falling victim to the many traps and bottom feeders. Thank you for giving it to us straight not only the criticisms of the industry but the criticisms of how we write produce record manage perform tour market and how we’re supposed to live our lives as Artist Thank you Steve for all that you do!"

Yo world 23
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"Dude, I needed your podcast like 20 years ago. I don’t know what else to say other than, preach. Keep it up."

Wes Bowker
Apple Podcasts

"Hey man! Just recently starting listening to your podcast. But I’m going through at least four a day. It’s really great info. Especially being an artist trying to learn the tools of the trade. Very helpful and insightful."

Alexander Butler
Apple Podcasts

"Guy’s Steve knows his stuff! Ive been listening to him for a few months now. He’s real and doesn’t hold back. I am a singer/songwriter and since ive started listening to his podcast I have been able to grow my social media pages by leaps and bounds. This guy is the real deal!"

Corey Layne
Apple Podcasts

"I’ve learned so much from listening to your podcast that I’ve had to get a notebook! You’re awesome!"

Apple Podcasts

"Absolutely love the no BS approach. I have listened to MANY over the years! I gained more perspective in a few short months than in many years of listening to others. Thanks Steve!"

Jay Flemming
Apple Podcasts

"I agree with all the positive and spot-on reviews here. I encourage all visitors and listeners to drop a line or two. I haven't made it through all the episodes yet but will be listening to them all because of the golden nuggets this show leaves behind. Simply, priceless. I give the podcast a 10-star rating! Thank You, Steve!!!"

Eric Love
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