Morgan Wallen Cancelled Over N-Word Use

February 3, 2021 Steve Freeman
A quick thought on the #morganwallen situation and then I’ll leave it to Friday’s podcast…
If equality is what we are striving for, then we should cancel anyone and everyone of every race and ethnicity for using the word. I don’t want to hear about privilege or passes due to the color of the person saying its’ skin.
To Cumulus and any other corporately owned radio company in bankruptcy, I think that covers you all, if you remove Morgan Wallen from your country playlists, then you have to remove the music from any urban, R&B, Hip-Hop and rap artists that use the same word on stations you own and control. Anything less is hypocrisy, racial insensitivity and outright discrimination.
Again, if equality is the goal, then stop drawing lines of distinction and division between people. If its ok for one person or group to say it, but not ok for the other, that my friends is text book discrimination, segregation and by definition, racism.
The only reason this is being seen as an issue is because of the color of his skin, again, by definition, is racism.
Injustice at hits core is punishing one person for a crime and someone else that commits the same crime is allowed to go unpunished either by privilege, social standing or pass, economic standing or color of skin.
I am not condoning the use of the word, before you pussy ass millennials, irrelevant country artists or social media “look at me I’m woke, white and have BLM in my bio” types chime in, I’m saying nobody should be using it and if you cancel Morgan Wallen and are as woke as you claim, you should also be deleting every rap song and artist from your playlists. Also, if you were actually relevant enough for people to give a shit about you, you’d have people following you with telephoto lenses and long-range shotgun microphones capturing every word you say and every mistake you make and I’m sure if that were the case, you all do and say shit daily that would get canceled by someone. So, rest comfortably in your glass house tossing stones at people. One day, somebody may actually give a damn about you and toss some back.
So, do we really want equality, or you wanna keep drawing more lines of distinction in social justice and acceptability?
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